Sara Green


New Orleans-born choreographer, performer and arts activist, Sara Green has been navigating the space between the art making/ presenting process and race-based issues in African American communities since she started making her own work in 2011. After gaining a solid footing in dance during high school, Sara is currently pursuing her M.Ed and M.Div at Vanderbilt University after completing her B.A. in dance and African American studies at Bennington. During her time at Bennington, she served for one year as dance Discipline Rep on the school’s Student Educational Policies Committee. She has studied with Urban Bush Women, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, and Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company as well as performed with the New Orleans Ballet Association, Gris Gris Strut. the New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies and her own work at Bennington College.

In addition to formal dance-making and performing, Sara is interested in community art-making and community organizing. She uses a conversation-based approach in making her work that builds a community of movers that think about relevant social issues. Her most recent works include A Conversation on Race and Self Defense, List of Demands, and Playing House.

In Nashville, she has been working with Cayce United to ensure that residents of Cayce Place and surrounding neighborhoods are promised the first right to return during the proposed development process. She is also involved in several social service organizations that address poverty and homelessness. She hopes to bring more art and self-care to these space for sustainability and overall wellness.

2013-2017 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
2009- 2013 Bennington College, Bennington, VT
Dance, African American Studies

2012 List of Demands, Bennington College, Bennington, VT
20 min. 5 dancers. Explored reparations for African Americans through movement and conversations. The piece was preceded by a museum of the group’s research and conversations and followed by a dialogue around how a racism dictates the higher education experience.

2011 A Experiment on Race and Self-Defense, Bennington College, Bennington, VT
40 min. 4 dancers. Opened a exchange of ideas about self-defense in the African American community, both on a physical and ideological level. Expressed thoughts through movement about being attacked and what role community plays in personal and group attacks. Preceded by an exhibition of videos, readings, interactive experiments about topics that arose while making the piece. Followed by a conversation about differences and misconceptions of community given group histories and coping methods.

2010 You Can’t Hate the Roots of a Tree, Bennington College,, Bennington, VT
10 minutes. 5 dancers. Explored the physical idea of internal fighting brought on by imposed values conflicting with internal and personal truths.

Special Skills

Theatrical Makeup, Makeup for Film, Costume/ Clothing Mending,